About Us

The Good Life in the Countryside collaboration was established in 2012 and is a network comprising boutiques, farm shops selling local produce, restaurants, galleries, hotels and more, all located in the countryside of Söderslätt and the South Coast. Our goal is to introduce you to a number of unique experiences that you did not know existed – year-round!

The collaboration is a type of business network for rural businesses and we are continually
expanding. Many of our members operate within the tourism industry and are open throughout the year, or aspire to be so. All the activities arranged by the group build upon member’s own ideas and the common wish to extend the “season”. We have a strong incentive and desire to showcase the excellent opportunities that exist here on Söderslätt and the South Coast. We also want to see more “pins on the map”, that is to say more participants, more visible enterprises, all contributing and providing services to a larger customer base.

The Good Life in the Countryside welcomes and strives for diversity and social equality.
Are you interested in joining us? For more information, contact Ameli Rosenqvist at: +46 76-100 01 88 or ameli.rosenqvist@gottattleva.com



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